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Inside many countries you need an international driving license in addition to your national driving license. This mostly applies to countries outside the EU. MINISTRY EUROPA lawyers answer the most important questions. International driver's license is only valid in conjunction with the national driver's license Paper driving licenses are exchanged for a credit card driving license when applying for an international driving license Valid EU driving licenses are recognized within the EU and the EEA. In which countries do I need the international driver's license? When someone driving outside of Europe, an international driver's license should generally be taken with you. Especially when driving in the USA , it is advisable to have the international driver's license with you, as the German driver's license alone does not have to be recognized without the additional document. For temporary stays in Australia and New Zealand, a German driver's license including a certified translation is sufficient to drive. In Thailand you need an international driver's license in addition to your EU driver's license to drive a car. In this case, however, from May 1, 2021, the international driving license must correspond to the model according to the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic of November 8, 1968 . You must expressly inform the authority of this when submitting the application . For stays over three months you need a Thai driver's license. In order to drive a car in Japan , holders of a German driver's license (not residing in Japan) need a Japanese translation , as the German driver's license is not recognized. This translation can be done by Ministry Europa company . We have helped millions of people around the world to buy driver licence. most of them send us thanks-you messages for their satisfaction. If you need any kind of legal driver's licence, hardship license wa or authentic document, WhatsApp at: +43 6776 3703423

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Whether you want to buy ID card online; you can get all at our esteemed company. Our professional will make a replica of original ID card that would resemble its originality in all the aspects. If you are looking forward to getting in touch with the top ID card makers, then come to Schengen Documents today. We will help you accomplish your needs in a short period of time. We will help you to apply, buy or renew ID card online in a convenient manner. Our expert’s group have gained specialization over the years and know how to transform the requirements of the clients into a real form. We are always available for our valuable clients anytime, anywhere.

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How to Renew Your Driving Licence


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Driver licence suspended

After after getting your driver's license how to do and solve a problem if my new driver's license has been classified among the following categories: if i pay my reinstatement fee will my license still be suspended | how to check if license is suspended online | new law for suspended license 2021 | how to get a suspended license reinstated | can you check to see if your license is suspended | suspended license reinstatement | is my license suspended | how to get a revoked license back | new law for suspended license 2021 | driver's license suspensions | driver's license suspensions ca | texas driver's license suspensions | nd drivers license suspensions | idaho driver's license suspensions | georgia driver's license suspensions | vt driver's license suspensions | reasons for driver's license suspensions | vermont driver's license suspensions | washington state driver's license suspensions | We have guided and helped over five million people around the world with this kind of situation and we also help some to buy legal document and international drivers licence and for complex cases we recommend them to best attorneys who help our troubled clients. We are represented in the administrative offices so that our clients have no problem if they wish to make an appointment at the embassy or Dmv (Department of Motor Vehicles). You can also submit your application if you wish to: Replace a lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed object, such as passport, driver license, identity card, birth certificate, ssn, and insurance and all other types of documents. Do not hesitate to contact us any time for more information. Email: Email: Infodocumentation@europe.Com

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Why Need A second Passport?

In various discussion forums about obtain passport online , these questions always come up: - Can we have two passports? - How to get a European passport? - How to extend an expired passport?- Can we have two passports? - How to get a new identity legally - How to renew your driving licence? - How to officially obtain a second passport? - Can you travel with 2 passport? - What do I need to get a second passport? - Reasons Why You Need A Second Passport. In principle, you cannot have more than one passport. However, a second passport may exceptionally be issued for several reasons. Producing you a second passport is not a right, but a faculty and it is the administration that sets its award criteria. It is true that, obtaining a second passport offers advantages and can expand your rights and your freedom to move around the European Union and less hassle in front of border guards or in front of immigration officers.

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Why Need A second Passport?

Getting a second passport can expand rights and freedom. For a schengen Countries , the benefits include free world travel and fewer problems from officious border guards or nosey customs and immigration officials.

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